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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Davis Advises Ball Players To Keep Their Eye on the Ball
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 (1437 reads)

Councilor Davis said that ball players shouldn't be playing the game, if they are not watching the ball on Monday, referring to a discussion council had on protective covers for the dug outs that were purchased at a cost of up to $1600, before it was approved by council.

Councilor Withey said that he authorized the purchase of the covers that were not replaced during the normal budget process and said the cost could end up being zero for the town as ball clubs were trying to cover the costs themselves.  But Davis would have none of that, saying that the covers should not have been purchased until it was approved by council.

Withey again told council that half of the cost had been covered by the ball clubs and they were working on covering the other half of the expense and accused Davis of trying to "throw red tape at it"

Mayor Doughty advised council that if they were to have called a special council meeting to discuss the issue it would have cost $450.

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Hutcheson Beach Porta Potty Debate Over for This Year
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 (1309 reads)

Huntsville Council voted leave the portable toilet debate behind them this year, opting to do nothing with only 6 weeks of the summer season left.   Complaints were heard earlier in the summer about a new location for the public toilets at Hutcheson Beach.  It seems the new location of the porta potties blocked the view of the lake from the parking lot, sparking debate about their location.

Staff had previously placed the units to the side of the parking lot, but cited that the ground was low and often wet and the new location was closer and dryer.

At the last meeting council asked staff to come up with option to relocate the units for next year and advise of the costs involved in preparing a new location.

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Huntsville Council Overrules Planning Committee Over Condo Rentals
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 (1768 reads)

Huntsville Town Council overruled the planning advisory committee on Monday over Grandview condo owners that gave them the right to live in the units or rent them out.  The committee had earlier voted to allow the units to become residential only, leaving a shortage of units available for rent.

Mayor Doughty said that he was concerned over the future of resorts in the area staying viable because of the increase in the private cottage rental industry, but did note that it  could mean more permanent residents in the future.

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Special Council Meeting on New Deerhurst Development
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 (3007 reads)

The Town of Huntsville will be hold a special council meeting tomorrow at the Active Living Centre to discuss an official plan amendment to permit the development of a village centre and associated residential development on the Deerhurst Resort lands. The Official Plan Amendment is proposing to add a new secondary plan to the Official Plan that outlines the details of the proposed new village and recognizes how the village will be a new centre for the Resort.

The meeting begins at 7pm and is open to the public.

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Swim Advisory Lifted
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 (432 reads)

The swimming advisory at the Port Sydney Beach has been lifted by the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit.  While the beach wasn't closed, advisories were posted on July 23rd saying that swimmers could experience an increased risk of developing minor skin, eye, ear, nose and throat infections and stomach disorders if they went in the water.

The water is now safe to swim in, although the Town has advised that swimming lessons will remain at the Canada Summit Centre.

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Hart House Owners Given Go Ahead to Proceed With Repairs
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 (1906 reads)

Roberta Alexander a former owner of the Hart House made an impassioned plea to Huntsville councilors to protect the heritage or remove the designation of the historic home yesterday at council.  The council had to decide on whether to approve a decision of the Heritage committee on whether to allow the current owner to effect repairs to the foundation of the turret and replace rotting wood floors on the verandah.

Alexander said that while the inside of the building is not protected, the outside has a list of attributes that are to be protected and when restoration work is done, materials like the wood floor of the verandah should be replaced with wood and not a stone material that the council would be considering.

Alexander challenged council to "enforce the designation, and repair if possible".  

Later in the meeting council went ahead and approved the repairs saying that the changes did not effectively change the look of the building.

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Councilors Withey & Terziano Challenge Other Councilors to Raise Funds for Fairvern
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 (9021 reads)

Rod Laver challenged Huntsville Town Council to participate, both in person and financially,  the Paddle for Fairvern Fundraiser being held on August 9th.  Laver told council that the money raised would be used for redevelopment of the aging facility which currently does not meet provincial standards.

Last year the fundraiser, which takes participants from Hutchison Beach to Hidden Valley by canoe or kayak, raised more than $40,000.

Councilor Withey told council that he and Councilor Terziano would participate once again, and challenged other councilors to join in.

For more information and to sign up visit

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Huntsville Council Pushes Ahead With River Mill Park Sign
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 (2847 reads)

Huntsville Council voted to spend no more than $46.000 on a new River MIll Park Entrance sign at the intersection of Main St & King St yesterday.  Initially, Mayor Doughty had planned to come to council asking for $1500 to pay for the planning stage of the sign, which was already underway, but was able to provide costs to complete the project.

Doughty told council that the project could be paid for out of an Invest Ontario Grant that had a $68.000 balance in it.  The money had been earmarked to help pay for trail system extension, but Doughty said it was unlikely the project was going to go ahead. 

Councilors Davis and Terziano said they couldn't support the project with Davis complaining that you can't spend money ahead of time without council's approval.  Terziano was concerned that the money should be spent to fix trails that have washed out, but Doughty advised that maintenance projects could not access the fund.

The new sign is expected to be erected in October.

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Beaver Creek Comes Out of Lockdown
Monday, July 28, 2014 (1442 reads)

Visits at Beaver Creek Institution have resumed after a search of the facility has been completed.  The institution went into lockdown on July 22nd so that a search could be undertaken.  Officials report that a number of unauthorized items were found during the search.

Correctional Service Canada is strengthening measures to prevent the entry of contraband into its institutions in order to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone. CSC also works in partnership with the police to take action against those who attempt to have contraband brought into the institution.

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Muskoka Pride Week Ends On a High Note
Monday, July 28, 2014 (382 reads)

Muskoka Pride Week ended on a high note yesterday at Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge.  The picnic featured family friendly events and information on LGBT issues.  Shawn Forth, a spokesperson for Muskoka Pride said that this year was the first that all 6 Muskoka municipalities raised the pride flag.

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CN Crews Close Access to Avery Beach Today
Monday, July 28, 2014 (2165 reads)

Access to Avery Beach will be limited today as CN rail crews work on the crossing at Young St North today.  The road closure started early this morning and the crossing will be closed to car and those pulling boats until this afternoon.

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Hart House on the Agenda at Huntsville Town Council
Monday, July 28, 2014 (1993 reads)

The Hart House will be on the agenda again at Huntsville Town Council when a former owner of the historic property makes a deputation to discuss the property.  The new owner of the Hart House just rec'd approval from the Heritage committee to repair the foundation to the turret and replace the floor of the verandah.

Also on the agenda, a deputation from Rod Laver for the Paddle for Fairvern fundraiser event being held in August.

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Former Muskoka Lakes CAO Accuses Mayor of Releasing Closed Session Information
Monday, July 28, 2014 (18583 reads)

Former CAO of Muskoka Lakes Chris Wray says he's astonished that Mayor Alice Murphy revealed information on his departure that were matters discussed in closed session of Muskoka Lakes Council, in an interview on Hunters Bay Radio last week.  They mayor had said that Wray was given two exit interviews; something that Wray flatly says is untrue.  He said he refused to participate in the exit interview process and there were other portions of the interview where Murphy's statements were incorrect.

The criticism is one of many comments HBR rec'd after the broadcast.  Chris Wray's says his letter following his resignation outlined the reasons for his leaving and the full letter is available on our website.

Last week's episode of Undercurrents will be re-broadcast at a special time, tomorrow at 11am.

Chris Wray Letter.pdf

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First West Nile Virus Case Appears
Friday, July 25, 2014 (3340 reads)

The Simcoe Muskoka health unit has warned of and is testing one person for what is possibly the first case of West Nile Virus this year in Wahta Mohawk Territory.

The health unit reminded in a press release that so long as mosquitoes are active, it is possible to become infected with West Nile virus after being bitten.

Symptoms include fever, headache, vomiting, body aches, rashes on the chest, stomach, or back, or nausea.  Less than one per cent of those who are infected with the virus show serious symptoms.  The health unit recommends people take measures to protect themselves:

• Wear light-coloured clothing covering the arms and legs

• Remove standing water from your property

• Use approved mosquito repellent and

• Try to stay indoors around dusk to dawn when mosquito activity peeks

The health unit will continue its mosquito trapping as per its surveillance program with increased attention paid to Wahta Mohawk Territory.


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This is Not the Time to Turn Back the Clock: Withey
Friday, July 25, 2014 (41543 reads)

Councilor Tim Withey told a crowd of over 100 supporters at his campaign kick off  last night that council has worked hard to keep the town vibrant, get our programs and G8 infrastructure paying for itself while keeping the lowest taxes in Muskoka.  He said that the town  has made progress, but is not done  yet.

Withey said that it is not the time to turn back the clock or shut things down as other candidates have suggested.  Withey says his goal is to keep the town's progress on track, creating a more nimble and responsive government, while providing a setting for progressive and responsible development.

Withey says it's time to examine the District model and force change to stop the massive spending and duplication.

"This is not the time to turn back the clock or shut things down as others have suggested" Withey concluded.

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It's An Honour Exhibit in Huntsville Today & Saturday
Friday, July 25, 2014 (2921 reads)

Residents of Huntsville and surrounding areas are invited to visit It’s An Honour! Traveling exhibit starting today.  The exhibit is about the Canadian Honours System and is now making its way across the country.

The exhibit showcases stories of great Canadians who have been recognized for their extraordinary achievements with national honours such as the Order of Canada, Decorations for Bravery and Military Valour Decorations. The exhibit features interpretative panels, multimedia elements and artifacts, and the unique space provides an opportunity for visitors to learn more about these honours through an interactive learning experience.

Visitors can catch a glimpse of insignia and medals, discover the unique stories of many honours recipients and watch a hologram message from former Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. Visitors can also learn more on the role and responsibilities of the Governor General of Canada and how to nominate deserving individuals from their community for national honours.

The exhibit will be in Huntsville at River Mill Park today and tomorrow, July 25th & 26th from 10am to 5pm.  Admission is free.

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Bracebridge Endorses Santa Installation in Downtown Core
Friday, July 25, 2014 (10627 reads)

Local businessman, Bruce Kruger, is on a mission to convince the Town of Bracebridge to reconsider the recent adoption of a rebranding exercise. The “Art of Muskoka Living” brand, intended to transform Bracebridge into a learning destination, falls flat with Mr. Kruger.  In a letter to the Bracebridge Examiner on May 29, Mr. Kruger states “It’s time … to return to the two themes that we are known for and can build upon… Santa’s Town and the 45th Parallel.”

In response to a letter from Mr. Kruger, the town endorsed in principle the concept of installing a statue and/or associated display related to Santa Claus and the 45th Parallel in the area of the Town’s downtown core.

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Firefighters Raise Money for Fairvern Saturday
Friday, July 25, 2014 (1777 reads)

This Saturday the Huntsville/Lake of Bays Firefighters will be hosting a car wash at the Canadian Tire parking lot from 10am till 1pm to raise funds for the upcoming “Paddle for Fairvern” event.  A challenge was put out amongst the firefighters for the “Paddle for Fairvern” event and they decided to host a joint car wash to raise the funds. Each station has entered a canoe for the event with 8-10 firefighters in each one.

The fundraiser is part of a bigger effort to raise funds to replace the aging nursing home, which no longer meets provincial standards.  Paddle for Fairvern takes place on August 9th, where paddlers will take to the water in kayaks and canoes paddling from Hutchison Beach to Hidden Valley.

Pledge Sheets and event information can be found at

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Miller Calls on Province to Fund Burks Falls Bridge Repairs
Friday, July 25, 2014 (970 reads)

Norm Miller, MPP for Parry Sound - Muskoka questioned the Minister of Transportation on provincial funding for repairs to the Armstrong Bridge in the Village of Burk’s Falls yesterday.

Miller said “Having to take on the costs of maintaining the Armstrong Bridge is a huge burden on the Village of Burk’s Falls. Without the Connecting Links Program or replacement funding, the Municipality faces a massive challenge with limited resources to raise the revenue required to fund such a project” he said.

The Connecting Links Program that provided provincial funding for maintenance on certain municipal infrastructure was ended in 2013.

“With aging infrastructure, The Village of Burk’s Falls like many other small, rural municipalities faces enough challenges as it is,” said Miller. “I believe that a workable solution can be found that will allow the necessary repairs to the Armstrong Bridge to proceed,” added Miller.

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Huntsville Awarded IRONMAN Race in 2015
Thursday, July 24, 2014 (5382 reads)

Today the IRONMAN race organization announced that Huntsville has been selected to host the fourteenth race in the IRONMAN® North American Series. The inaugural IRONMAN Muskoka triathlon will take place on Sunday, August 30, 2015. In addition, IRONMAN announced that the existing IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka triathlon will now shift dates to Sunday, July 5, 2015, making it the ideal training race for IRONMAN Muskoka.  

Andrew Messick, Chief Executive Officer of IRONMAN said that “IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka has been a premiere race for the IRONMAN brand in the region and we are thrilled to expand our offerings in Canada with the addition of IRONMAN Muskoka. “  Messick said that Muskoka is rich in triathlon history, including hosting the ITU Triathlon World Championship in 1992.

The Town of Huntsville has agreed to back the race in the amount of $100,000 per year over the course of the contract.  Local organizers including TriMuskoka and the Huntsville Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce are confident that “it won’t cost the town a penny” and will bring millions of dollars in economic impact to the region.

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Muskoka Pride Picnic in Bracebridge Closes Out Week of Celebrations
Thursday, July 24, 2014 (1114 reads)

Bracebridge Mayor Smith mentioned the flying of the Rainbow Flag in recognition of the annual Muskoka Pride Week stating that this is the first year that all 6 municipalities have done so.  Bracebridge has flown the flag since 2011.

This year, the Muskoka Pride Committee will be hosting the sixth annual Muskoka Pride Picnic on Sunday, July 27, at Annie Williams Memorial Park in Bracebridge from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Everyone is welcome to show their support for the LGBT community of Muskoka.

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Community Invited to Put Finishing Touches on Tom Thomson Mural
Thursday, July 24, 2014 (1051 reads)

Group of Seven Mural Artist Gerry Lantaigne is asking the community and visitors to add their brush strokes to a Tom Thomson classic being re-created at the Huntsville Town Hall Steps.  The Canoe is one of Thomson's iconic works and Lantaigne is hoping to have it finished by the end of next week.

You can go and add your artistic touch to the work and see it displayed in the area joining other works from Thomson and the Group of Seven which is part of 33 murals on display in the area.

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Watershed Council Offers Free Workshops
Thursday, July 24, 2014 (388 reads)

The Muskoka Watershed Council is offering two free workshops, the first, tomorrow July 25th on how to prevent the spread of invasive species.   In the workshop, participants will learn how to indentify invasive species and report them on a new app the organization is using.  The workshop takes place at the District offices on Pine Street in Bracebridge, starting at 9am.

Then on July 29th, the Watershed Council is offering a free workshop on how to set up and monitor a forest plot on your property.  This workshop is being held at the Bracebridge Resource Management Centre starting at 10am.

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High Speed Expansion Good For Muskoka: Clement
Thursday, July 24, 2014 (3935 reads)

Tony Clement Member of Parliament for Parry Sound-Muskoka said yesterday's launch of Connecting Canadians, a new Government of Canada program, will bring high-speed Internet to 280,000 Canadian households that currently do not have Internet or have slower access.

Between now and 2017, Clement said the Government will invest up to $305 million to extend access to broadband Internet at 5 megabits per second  to 98 percent of Canadian households, mainly in rural and remote communities across Canada.

Clement said ``The launch of Connecting Canadians is great news for Parry Sounders and Muskokans. It will bring the benefits of high-speed Internet to even more people in our area, ensuring they can take advantage of the opportunities of the digital age.``

In the weeks ahead, Canadians and Internet service providers (ISP) are invited to visit the new Connecting Canadians website ( to offer their input on communities that could be eligible to receive funding. 

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Beaver Creek Under Lockdown
Thursday, July 24, 2014 (36182 reads)

On Tuesday July 22, at about 10:00 p.m. a lockdown was put in place at Beaver Creek Institution, in Gravenhurst, to enable staff members to conduct an exceptional search.

Officials say the search was ordered to ensure the safety and security of the institution, its staff and inmates. Once its determined to be safe, officials say that normal operations will resume. However, visits have been suspended until the search is completed.

The Correctional Service of Canada is committed to preventing the entry of contraband into its institutions. The CSC also works in partnership with the police to take action against those who attempt to introduce contraband into correctional institutions.

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Water Quality Advisory at Port Sydney Beach
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 (5437 reads)

The Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit has issued an advisory for the Port Sydney Beach.  The Health Unit says that while the beach is not closed, swimmers could experience an increased risk of developing minor skin, eye, ear, nose and throat infections and stomach disorders if you choose to go into the water.  If you choose to swim during an advisory it may be prudent to avoid ducking your head or swallowing the water, the Health Unit advised.

The Town of Huntsville is posting  signs that the water contains levels of bacteria that swimmers may be at increased risk.

Swimming programs offered by the town at Port Sydney beach have been cancelled until the advisory is lifted.

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Its An Honour Exhibit Coming to Huntsville Friday
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 (7897 reads)

Residents of Huntsville and surrounding areas are invited to visit It’s An Honour! Traveling exhibit this weekend.  The exhibit is about the Canadian Honours System and is now making its way across the country.

The exhibit showcases stories of great Canadians who have been recognized for their extraordinary achievements with national honours such as the Order of Canada, Decorations for Bravery and Military Valour Decorations. Featuring interpretative panels, multimedia elements and artifacts, this unique space provides an opportunity for visitors to learn more about these honours through an interactive learning experience.

Visitors can catch a glimpse of insignia and medals, discover the unique stories of many honours recipients and watch a hologram message from former Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. Throughout their visit, visitors can also learn more on the role and responsibilities of the Governor General of Canada and how to nominate deserving individuals from their community for national honours.

The exhibit will be in Huntsville at River Mill Park Friday and Saturday, July 25th & 26th from 10am to 5pm.  Admission is free.

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New Exhibit at Muskoka Heritage Place to Comemorate WWI
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 (651 reads)

Muskoka Heritage Place, the Town of Huntsville and the Royal Canadian Legion will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of Britain – and her Dominion of Canada – entering into World War One.  A cenotaph service will be held at 11:00 am on August 4, at the Huntsville Legion, followed by a parade to the Muskoka Heritage Place Museum.

In commemoration of “The Great War” there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for the museum exhibit “War: What is it Good For?” and official remarks will take place at the Muskoka Heritage Place Museum.

“It is important to recognize the sacrifices made on the battlefield and here at home, and how this historic event shaped Canadian society,” said Teri Souter, Manager of Arts, Culture and Heritage. “The 2014 exhibit at Muskoka Heritage Place showcases locally-pertinent WWI artifacts and specifically Muskoka 122nd Battalion items and imagery.”

The exhibit will be on display this season, at Muskoka Heritage Place museum.

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LOB Community Centre to Get New Roof
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 (1446 reads)

Lake of Bays Community Centre will be getting a new roof after council approved a bid to replace the existing roof with one with a 20 year warranty last week.  Another less expensive bid was denied because of the materials used and a 10 year warranty.  GBS Contracting will be using a 3ply torch material that cost the township $19,000 vs $15,000 from another contractor with a shorter life.

Council voted to use money from the Park Fund to pay for the repairs.

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Lightning Sparks Cottage Fire
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 (7388 reads)

Yesterday, at approximately 9:21 pm, the Township of Muskoka Lakes Fire Dept. responded to a report of trees on fire. Upon arrival, firefighters observed a 420 LB propane tank self-venting through its relief valve onto the structure.

After quickly controlling the propane tank, efforts were then directed toward the cottage's structure.  The Fire Dept say that the fire was contained to the upper floor/attic and a washroom on the main floor which wall abuts the propane tank. 

At the time of the call, there was a violent thunder and lightning storm go through this area which is believed to be a contributing factor. No one was home at the time of the incident.

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Muskoka Rd 4 Closed
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 (2607 reads)

CN Rail repairs are causing problems for motorists as Muskoka Rd 4 is closed between Old Faulkenburg Rd and Moore Rd this morning.  Traffic is being detoured at High Falls Rd to Hwy 11.  The work is expected to be finished and the road re-opened on Thursday afternoon.

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"Lame Duck" Bylaw Enacted in Lake of Bays
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 (13451 reads)

Lake of Bays Council are already looking forward to the next municipal election, set for October 27th and enacted a "lame duck" bylaw restricting what the current council can do in the months leading up to the election.

The provisions of the bylaw say that council is restricted from the appointment or removal from office of any officer of the municipality, or hiring or dismissal of any employee of the municipality.  The municipality is also restricted from disposing of any real or personal property of the municipality which has a value exceeding $50,000.

The lame duck provisions apply only if less than 75% of the existing council will not be returning in the next term.

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Feeding the Bears Could Cost $5,000 in Lake of Bays
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 (2604 reads)

The Township of Lake of Bays approved a bylaw that would make feeding the bears illegal at last week's council meeting.  The bylaw was prepared by town staff after Councilor Baker tried to bring up the subject at a previous council meeting citing concerns about a Limberlost Rd resident who was allegedly putting out hundreds of pounds of bird seed "to feed the birds" which resulted in many bears being attracted to the area.   Baker had feared that the bear problem might cause unwanted interaction between pedestrians, cyclists and motorists with bears on the road.

The new bylaw will start by advising the person involved that feeding the bears is illegal.  Other actions the township could take include issuance of an information and summons requesting a fine from a justice of the peace or request council to seek an injunction prohibiting the feeding of bears through the provincial courts.

The fine for feeding the bears could cost up to $5000.

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Muskoka Lakes Court Decision Gets National Exposure
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (13756 reads)

Yesterday's court ruling against the Township of Muskoka Lakes to have the government recognize the public's right to portage has been reported nationally in newspapers, radio and TV.

In an Ontario Court of Appeal ruling released yesterday, three judges concluded that the protection of public safety trumps canoeists’ access to portages and shorelines on Crown land. The decision marks one of the few times Canadian courts have examined whether carrying a canoe between waterways is a right in a country explored and settled by paddlers. Two men drowned in 2008 near the dam, which may have justified the decision by the Minister and upheld by the courts.

The right to navigate Canada’s waters has long been protected under federal legislation and common law. But in the Township of Muskoka Lakes’ case, the Appeal Court found that this right does not include transporting a canoe over “another’s land.”

If the township had won, the Ontario government would not have been allowed to disturb the portage and the 4.5-megawatt hydroelectric project would likely have been halted.

The Township is seeking to provide another portage route and has not ruled out another legal action.

Mayor Alice Murphy will be on HBR’s Undercurrents, Thursday at 11am.

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No Daytime Buring: Fire Chiefs
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (173 reads)

The Muskoka Fire Chiefs have set the Fire Danger Rating to LOW.  Small fires are permitted in most rural areas in Muskoka, but the Fire Dept is reminding you that NO DAYTIME BURNING is allowed.  Please consult with your local fire dept for outdoor burning regulations in your municipality.

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Huntsville's New CT Scanner in Operation
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (1863 reads)

The renovated CT Scan Suite featuring a new, 128-slice CT Scanner is in full operation at the Huntsville District Memorial Hospital Site.

Thanks to a generous $2 million funding commitment from the Huntsville Hospital Foundation, the new scanner was installed and a significant renovation was undertaken to create a safe and patient-friendly space that meets infection control and accessibility standards.

Since the project was completed at the end of May, the new CT has already been used for nearly 500 CT scans. The Simcoe/Muskoka Acute Stroke Protocol relies heavily on the CT service at the Huntsville Hospital as it is the only designated District Stroke Centre between Barrie and North Bay.

Upgrading aging equipment helps us to better serve our community and provide a much-needed tool for improved diagnostics and patient outcomes, says Natalie Bubela, Chief Executive Officer at MAHC.

Supporting the project was an easy decision for the Foundation, explains John Crockett, Chair of the Huntsville Hospital Foundation.

“The Foundation’s role to raise funds for the technology and capital assets needed to sustain and build the area’s health care system is taken very seriously,” says Crockett. “We strongly believe the generosity of both seasonal and year-round residents will help us meet our financial commitment in support of this state-of-the-art investment in health care, here for life.”

Crockett adds community support has been positive including major pledges from the Doug Woollings family and the Rotary Club of Huntsville.

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MAHC Receives $500,000 Donation
Monday, July 21, 2014 (2919 reads)

In a small reception today at Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare's South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Site, local philanthropists Brock and Willa Napier presented a cheque for $500,000 to the Foundation.

The Napiers, year-round Muskoka residents from Minett, have specified that their gift be directed toward replacing the existing CT scanner, which is now more than nine years old. The proposal to replace the CT scanner is part of the upcoming 'Get Better' capital campaign to support $6.5 million of technology improvements at the hospital. The total cost for the new CT will be approximately $1 million.

Natalie Bubela, Chief Executive Officer at MAHC, says gifts like the Napiers’ are critical to ensuring that life-saving equipment is available when patients need it.

The Napiers are also supporting another significant health care initiative: the Brock & Willa Wellness Centre in Port Carling - comprised of a nursing station, a palliative care facility and a seniors' residence.


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Appeal Against Bala Falls Hydro Dam Dismissed
Monday, July 21, 2014 (634 reads)

The Ontario Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal to stop the Swift River Energy Corp & the Ministry of Environment Ontario from building a hydro dam at Bala Falls.

The Muskoka Lakes Township had filed an appeal stating that the building of the hydro dam would destroy an existing portage between the Moon River and Lake Muskoka.

The Court said that the common law of public right of passage over a navigable waterway does not include the right to portage over another’s land and the Minister has charge of the management of public lands and the right to prohibit passage over portages.

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Muskoka Lakes Loses Appeal on Bala Falls
Monday, July 21, 2014 (7433 reads)

The Ontario Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal to stop the Swift River Energy Corp & the Ministry of Environment Ontario from building a hydro dam at Bala Falls.

The Muskoka Lakes Township had filed an appeal stating that the building of the hydro dam would destroy an existing portage between the Moon River and Lake Muskoka.

The Court said that the common law of public right of passage over a navigable waterway does not include the right to portage over another's land and the Minister has charge of the management of pubic lands and has the right prohibit passage over portages.

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Court Expected to Rule on Bala Falls Today
Monday, July 21, 2014 (6249 reads)

The Court of Appeal of Ontario is expected to release its decision on whether an exisiting Portage at the Bala Falls can be blocked later today.  The case is the latest attempt by the Township of Muskoka Lakes to stop a hydro dam from being built at the portage site.

The township claims that the land where the hydro plant is located is th only portage available from the Moon River to Lake Muskoka.

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Bracebridge Man Recognized as Ontario Senior of the Year
Monday, July 21, 2014 (5736 reads)

The Town of Bracebridge Community Recognition Advisory Committee announced that local resident, Sidney Rosenblatt has been awarded the Ontario Senior of the Year Award from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

The Ontario Senior of the Year Award recognizes seniors, who after the age of 65 have enriched the social, cultural or civic life of the community, without thought of personal or financial gain. A senior’s achievement can be made in a variety of fields including community service, volunteerism, education, and humanitarian activities.

Councillor Steve Clement and Robyn Specht-Kilroy, on behalf of Bracebridge Town Council and the Community Recognition Advisory Committee, presented the Ontario Senior of the Year Award to Mr. Rosenblatt on July 16.

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Pride Flag Raisings Take Place Today Throughout Muskoka
Monday, July 21, 2014 (422 reads)

All six Muskoka Municipalities will raise the Pride Flag today starting at 9am in Huntsville.  Other communities that will have official flag raising ceremonies are Bracebridge at 10.30am, and Gravenhurst at 11.30am.  Muskoka Lakes will raise its flag in Port Carling at 2pm - the first time the township has voted to participate.  Lake of Bays Twp also advised that they will be raising a Pride Flag to bring awareness to LGBT issues.

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Muskoka Arts & Crafts Summer Show Starts Today
Friday, July 18, 2014 (4873 reads)

The Muskoka Arts & Crafts’ 52nd Summer Show is now up and running at Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge.  The show features two hundred artists, including crowd favourites and lots of first time artists in attendance.. There will be a Beer Tent sponsored by the Griffin Pub and a food court.

The show runs from july 18-20th. Admission is by donation.

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Swim For Hospice This Sunday
Friday, July 18, 2014 (222 reads)

Organizers at Hospice Huntsville are asking you to become a Swim Challenger and join Joy Jarvis – a local long distance swimmer as she completes a 12km "Swim for Hospice" Joy is braving the waters of the Muskoka River early on Sunday morning leaving the Town Docks in Huntsville and swimming out and around Centreview Island in Lake Vernon and BACK!

Challengers will join Joy at the final 3km, 2km or 1km of her swim exiting the water at River Mill Park at approximately noon. Joy and the swim challengers will be raising funds for Hospice Huntsville by collecting pledges from local community members and businesses.

For more information,

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Midnight Madness Returns to Downtown Huntsville
Friday, July 18, 2014 (943 reads)

Downtown Huntsville will close to traffic on Main St between Centre St and Brunel Rd today at 4.30 so that merchants can prepare for their annual summer Midnight Madness.  The ever popular event will feature a variety of displays, live music, entertainment and of course shopping.

Hunters Bay Radio will be on hand helping to raise money for Gabby Bushey who was injured in an accident earlier this year. 

Midnight Madness runs from 6pm - midnight.

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Muskoka Pride Week Kicks Off Today
Friday, July 18, 2014 (509 reads)

Muskoka Pride Week kicks-off today with the 2nd annual Huntsville Pride Picnic. Organizers are inviting everyone to attend this community event to promote understanding and acceptance about LGBT issues. Local dignitaries including Huntsville Mayor Doughty and MP Tony Clement will be on hand to support the participants.

Join them for live music; help paint a Pride banner, and standup paddleboard demonstrations from Algonquin Outfitters.

The picnic runs 4.30 - 6.30 at River Mill Park.

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Falling Tree Branch Injures Man
Thursday, July 17, 2014 (4858 reads)

On Thursday July 17, at approximately 1:20 pm OPP responded to a call to assist with traffic control for ambulance in the area of Muskoka Road 118 West, Bracebridge after a male was injured while attempting to remove a tree. 

The OPP are currently investigating the cause of the workplace accident. Initial investigation has found that a tree branch fell on top of the male while cutting into the tree in the Milford Bay area.

The male was transported to the hospital by land with unknown injuries.

The investigation is on-going and no further details are available at this point in time.


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Town Clock Repairs Complete
Thursday, July 17, 2014 (1584 reads)

Repairs to the Town Clock have been completed following an act of vandalism last month, just days after the clock tower renovations were complete.

The east side of the clock had its original glass broken, and damage was done to clock face and had to be replaced.  This follows an expense of $280,000 by the town to fix the structure of the building that holds up the clock.

Mayor Doughty said that vandals had gotten on the roof and caused the damage from there.  He says steps are being taken to alarm the roof to prevent future incidents.

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Doughty Moving Ahead with Plans for a River Mill Park Entrance Sign
Thursday, July 17, 2014 (1342 reads)

Mayor Claude Doughty moved forward with his plan to install an archway sign at Main St across from Town Hall for River Mill Park.  The town had issued a Request for Proposal 4 months ago, with “un-satisfactory results.

Mayor Doughty was able to locate a company in North Bay that "was able to do what we are looking for." 

Mayor Doughty asked the Public Infrastructure to authorize an expenditure of $1500 so the company could enter into the design phase of project and promised he would have the final costing at the next council meeting for approval.

That sparked comments from some councilors that the project was unbudgeted and wanting to wait until next term before authorizing the expense.

Doughty indicated that the initial costs could come out of council's discretionary fund. 

In the end, despite the outcry from some councilors, the motion was passed.

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Huntsville Councilors Cry Foul on Dugout Covers
Thursday, July 17, 2014 (8084 reads)

Huntsville's Public Infrastructure also approved to pay for covers for the baseball dugouts at a cost of no more than $1600 - for covers that were already installed.

The expense was only half of the cost according to Councilor Tim Withey who said that a member of the public had arranged to pay for half of the cost and could possibly find funding for the balance, bringing the town's portion to zero.

Councilor Zanetti voiced his concern that the purchase was made before it was approved, and Karin Terziano echoed the same thought but said it was nice to see someone take the initiative.

Councilor Davis said that the purchase should not be approved because it was a budgetary line item and should wait for next year.

Withey countered that the expense was minor, and could end up costing the town nothing, and was needed for a tournament. 

Mayor Claude Doughty stopped the conversation by saying that the covers should have been replaced when the old ones became unusable and if council can't react to these things - "shame on us."

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Huntsville Pulls Out of Negotiations To Provide Winter Road Maintenance
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 (9537 reads)

The District Road deal for winter maintenance is off.  Yesterday the Huntsville advised District that it would cease negotiations to provide winter road maintenance for the 2014/15 season.

Denise Corry, the acting CAO said that the town may be in a position to start providing road maintenance in the spring of 2015, provided the two levels of government can come to an agreement.

For now the town will concentrate on town owned roads and the main arteries in Huntsville will be left for the District to maintain.

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Fire Dept Gets Go-ahead to Give First Aid
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 (1700 reads)

The Huntsville Fire Dept was before the Pubic Infrastructure Committee yesterday to get the go ahead to enter into an agreement with the District to provide first aid services at calls for service if the fire dept was on scene before paramedics.

Hernen told the committee that an agreement was in place up until 2007 and had expired.  The new agreement essentially was cleaning up some paperwork and Hernen noted that the expiration clause was removed and replaced with a 30 day notice clause if either party wanted to terminate the agreement.

The good news was that those in need of medical assistance would get it by whichever first responder arrived on scene first.

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Canoers Ask Town of Huntsville For Help With Portage
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 (4174 reads)

The Fox Lake Association was before Huntsville's Public Infrastructure Committee yesterday asking for help making a portage between Fox Lake and Lake Vernon safer for canoers.   Ellen Fox and Judith Maxwell told committee members that a new portage was opened up along side Hoodstown Shores Rd after the traditional portage was closed when the Hoodstown Shores subdivision was created and the current route to portage is along a long narrow road, which they claimed is too dangerous for younger canoers.

They had asked the town to make a treadway beside the road, but Mayor Doughty inquired as to whether they had talked to the current property owners about restoring the original portage.  When the delegation answered no, they were advised to make enquires and get back to the town.  Mayor Doughty said that with the low traffic, an easement across the properties would be the ideal solution.

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Hart House Owners Approved to Proceed With Repairs
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 (4725 reads)

Huntsville’s Municipal Heritage Committee voted to allow some renovations and repairs to the Hart House yesterday.  The property which was the subject of a public outcry last year when an expansion to the property was proposed was before the committee asking for permission to repair the foundation that supports the turret on the building and to replace the verandah which was rotting out.

The proposal included replacing the wood plank floor of the verandah with stone and councilors debated the owners’ right to make the change, but in the end voted to allow the change after it was noted that one of the other historically significant buildings in town - Huntsville Town Hall underwent significant renovations in 2002.

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The Huntsille Mayor's Golf Tournament Returns
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 (1630 reads)

The Huntsville Mayor’s Golf Tournament is back!  After a brief hiatus and not occurring last year, the tournament is back and looking for sponsors and players.

Huntsville coun. and a leading force in the charity’s revival effort, Karin Terziano said “We’re still looking for a number of hole sponsors… and the tournament is more than half full for players, but we are still looking for foursomes and individuals.”

The charity began around 10 years ago to raise funds for non-profits in the community.

Registrations is $225 per players; this includes a cart, lunch, dinner and prizes.  Hole sponsorship is $250 per hole.

The charity will be held Monday, Sept. 15, at Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course.

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Travel Ontario Lists Muskoka After Dark Venues
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 (1666 reads)

Recently, Travel Ontario published an article highlighting After Dark events across Muskoka. 

They praised the Deerhurst Resort’s Decades show, calling it a performance that will “keep you dancing in your seat from the first beat to the last”.  The Kee to Gala concert venue and bar on Lake Muskoka earned a mention, lauded as a Muskoka nightspot that “should be at the top of your summer”.  Finally, the Muskoka Sound Festival was described with such words as “stunning”, “electrifying”, and “a music lover’s paradise”. 

The list named each a necessary addition to any travelers exploring the Muskoka region, showing just how much Muskoka has to offer after the sun goes down.

Read the full article at:

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Miller Says Province Can't Afford Credit Downgrade
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 (879 reads)

Yesterday Parry Sound - Muskoka MPP Norm Miller took the opportunity to comment on the 2014 Ontario Budget that was introduced in the Provincial Legislature.

Miller said "This budget increases spending at a time when the deficit is already headed in the wrong direction. Despite warnings from economists and now bond rating agencies, the 2014 budget commits over a billion dollars to new spending instead of taking measures to get current costs under control" he said.

Just this past week, Moody's placed Ontario on negative watch. A downgrade from the bond rating agencies would make interest payments more expensive for the province, as well as increase the cost of borrowing money.

Miller said "The province simply can't afford another credit downgrade."

"The interest on the Provincial debt is already the third highest single item in the budget. Servicing the interest on the debt is even projected to be the largest growth item on the 2014 Ontario Budget." he said.

"Real steps need to be taken to address the now $12.5 Billion deficit and make life more affordable for people in Parry Sound - Muskoka" concluded Miller.

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Kearney Regatta Alive & Well
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 (3783 reads)

The Town of Kearney has announced that the annual Kearney Regatta is alive and well yesterday despite reports to the contrary.  Councilor Yvonne Wills says that besides a Fire Works Extravaganza held on Sunday August 3, that they have added Swim, Canoe and Cardboard Boat Races at the Town Dock.   Other events are taking place as well throughout the community on Saturday and Sunday, August 2 & 3. The event will be closing with the always popular Northern Lights Steel Drum Band and Fire Works at dusk. 

HBR is also sponsoring The Biggest Little Music Festival being held on August 2 & 3 in Kearney.

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Muskoka Pride Week Kicks Off July 18th
Monday, July 14, 2014 (436 reads)

July 18th through 27th is Pride Week in Muskoka.

In addition to the Muskoka Pride Picnic which is being held at Annie Williams Park on July 27th, additional events are planned across Muskoka throughout Pride Week.

Organizers are inviting everyone, straight or gay to the kick-off BBQ at River Mill Park in Huntsville starting at 4:30 this Friday.  Other events on the weekend include a Saturday Social, a Bonfire Bash, Fireworks and Out & About Hike at the Bracebridge Resource Management Centre. 

For more information visit

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BOATsmart Launches Social Campaign for Kids Camps
Monday, July 14, 2014 (188 reads)

BOATsmart! has launched a social campaign that promises a donation of $1 to kids camps for every photo you share tagged #BoatSmartMoment.

Share a photo of your boating moment on Twitter or Instagram.  The campaign covers a coast-to-coast tour, stopping in over 100 communities across Canada.  The tour will travel through Muskoka on June 25 to 27, ending in Tofino, BC Aug. 19. 

Their goal is to raise $10,000, the same number of photo shares, for kids camps.

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Patient Satisfaction Ranks High at Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare
Monday, July 14, 2014 (1773 reads)

Patient satisfaction for acute care and emergency care services at Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare hospital sites continues to rank above provincial averages for Ontario community hospitals on all dimensions of care, according to a recent independent study.

The three-month survey, conducted from October 1 to December 31, 2013 indicated a 98.3% overall satisfaction rate by acute care patients and a 94.0% overall satisfaction rate by emergency care patients. The provincial averages for Ontario community hospitals were 92.7% for acute inpatient care and 85.5% for emergency care.

Natalie Bubela, Chief Executive Officer at MAHC, says the results speak volumes about the quality of care patients are receiving at the MAHC hospital sites.

National Research Corporation randomly asked 25 acute care patients and 100 emergency care patients at each hospital to evaluate their experience. Patients were asked their opinion on dimensions of care like the quality, access and coordination, their physical comfort and the conditions of their environment, the courtesy of staff and physicians, sharing of information and overall impressions.

On all of these dimensions of care combined, MAHC scored above provincial averages. In addition, 75.3% of those who responded said they would highly recommend the emergency services to friends and family, while 80.3% indicated they would highly recommend the inpatient services.


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Novel Marathon Set to Break Another Fundraising Record
Monday, July 14, 2014 (364 reads)

The 2014 Muskoka Novel Marathon looks to well exceed its $20,000 fundraising goal with a total as of $20,593.15.  The money will go to the YMCA’s Literacy Services in Huntsville, which offers classes to adults in literacy, numeracy and computer skills.

Karen Wehrstein, the MNM media coordinator said that “This is a preliminary total, Last year at this point we were ecstatic to have raised almost $18,000, little knowing another $2,000 was going to be totaled up due to additional donations.  So stay tuned…”

The Novel Marathon is currently underway at the Active Living Centre at the Canada Summit Centre in Huntsville, with about 40 writers speedily penning their works in competition for Best Novel in two categories plus other prizes.  Having started on Friday evening, they have until 8 p.m. Monday to complete their tomes.

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Muskoka Pride Kicks off Celebration on Friday
Monday, July 14, 2014 (716 reads)

July 18th through 27th is Pride Week in Muskoka.  In addition to the Muskoka Pride Picnic which is being held at Annie Williams Park on July 27th, additional events are planned across Muskoka throughout Pride Week.

Organizers are inviting everyone, straight or gay to the kick-off BBQ at River Mill Park in Huntsville starting at 4.30 this Friday.  Other events on the weekend include a Saturday Social, a Bonfire Bash, Fireworks and Out & About Hike at the Bracebridge Resource Management Centre.

For more information visit

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Nuit Blanche North a Huge Success
Monday, July 14, 2014 (5462 reads)

Thousands descended on Downtown Huntsville for the 4th Annual Nuit Blanche North on Saturday to see and participate in dozens of activities and acts being performed at River Mill Park and Main St.  HBR participated by hosting the Bang Bang Cabaret featuring local musicians.

Thought by many to be the busiest Nuit Blanche North yet, organizers say that they are still buzzing from the event and are already working on next year.

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Extension to Hunters Bay Trail on the Agenda at Sustainability Committee
Monday, July 14, 2014 (919 reads)

Its meeting week at the Town of Huntsville and the Sustainability Committee will start the week off with their regular monthly meeting which starts at 9am.   The committee will hear from Prof. Sven E. Jorgensen of the Copenhagen University today, and he will be presenting along with Dr. Colin Yates of the U of W on Modeling Sustainability in Huntsville.

The committee will also get updates on painting of sharrows on town roads,  and discuss options for the extension of the Hunters Bay trail.

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Muskoka Novel Marathon Begins this Weekend
Friday, July 11, 2014 (1152 reads)

The Muskoka Novel Marathon is an annual event to raise funds and awareness for adult literacy in Huntsville and surrounding areas. To date, the event has raised almost $85,000. The 2014 Muskoka Novel Marathon starts tonight July 11-14 in Huntsville.


Writers sign up to spend an (almost) uninterrupted long weekend writing or re-writing their manuscript.  Winners get feedback from a professional editor and all submitting authors get suggestions and comments from the judges.

Funds raised at the Muskoka Novel Marathon are donated to YMCA Muskoka Literacy Services and help keep the doors open to those in the community that want to overcome literacy challenges for a better life.  

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Huntsville Reading Club Seeking New Members
Friday, July 11, 2014 (2086 reads)

Amber McNair, youth services librarian with the Huntsville Public Library, is searching for new members for the 2014 TD Summer Reading Club.

Adults, teens, kids, and younger can join the program. Find some new reads and read for a chance at winning prizes.

McNair said the program also helps prevent summer learning loss for school-aged children.

Anyone who is interested in joining the club can visit the library at 7 Minerva St. E and ask the staff at the checkout desk to help them register. Club members will receive a ballot for each book they read, or have read to them, until Monday, Aug. 18.

The ballots are entered into a draw for weekly prizes as well as grand prizes. The grand prizes will be awarded at a wrap-up party on Thursday, Aug. 21, at 2 p.m.

Tots, who are babies to kids in Grade 1, can be entered with a chance to win a free ice cream cone from the Nutty Chocolatier each week or a grand prize of a $100 gift certificate to Applause Toy Store.

Kids, who are students in Grades 2 to 6, can win a free ice cream cone from Muskoka Moosies each week or a grand prize of a Nintendo 2DS plus Pokemon X plus accessories.

Teens, who are students in Grades 7 to 12, have a chance to win two movie passes from the Capitol Theatre each week or a grand prize of a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

And adults could snag a free medium coffee and cookie from Seven Main Café as well as a $10 gift card from Coles Bookstore each week or a grand prize of two passes to TreeTop Trekking.

The theme for the reading club this year is ‘Eureka!’

McNair said participants are not limited to reading just the books on the library’s recommended reading lists, found on their website,

“They can read books they have at home, books they borrow from someone or books borrowed from the library,” she said.


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Brunel to Re-open Tonight a 6pm
Friday, July 11, 2014 (4412 reads)

Hwy 141 will be closed to thru traffic at the railway crossing today as crews work on the railway lines.  The closure will be in effect from 8am to 8pm.  Traffic can detour at Stephenson Rd 4 to Hwy 11.

Meanwhile Brunel Rd which was washed out after a beaver dam failure a couple of weeks ago, is slated to re-open today at 6pm.

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Pioneer Power Show Picks up Steam This Weekend
Friday, July 11, 2014 (887 reads)

Today the 30th Annual Pioneer Farm & Forest Show takes place and runs through the weekend. 

The show promises to take you back to the pioneer days with a Waterous Saw Mill demonstration, a Blacksmith Shop, Tractor & Engine Displays,  Lawn, & antique Tractor Pulls, Classic & Antique Vehicles & a reenactment of War of 1812.  The event takes place at JD Lang Activity Park and Fairgrounds on Fraserburg Rd. 

Tickets are just $5, and children under 12 are free.

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Nuit Blanche North Comes to Huntsville Saturday
Friday, July 11, 2014 (1351 reads)

The 4th Annual Nuit Blanche North returns tomorrow night to Downtown Huntsville and promises to be the biggest event yet.  This year’s late night festival is based on the theme "Impact" and will offer more than 25 different projects and performances.  Last year, more than 5,000 people joined in the fun and organizers are expecting to top that number

The downtown core will be divided into 4 zones with a variety of installations including the HBR's licensed Big Bang Cabaret featuring some of Muskoka's Best Musicians.  Come in and grab a seat and cold one – the live performances start at 8pm.

The festival runs until the wee hours of the morning with lots for people to see and do.

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Mayor Doughty Warns of Rising Policing Costs
Thursday, July 10, 2014 (4329 reads)

Huntsville Mayor Claude Doughty echoed the concerns of Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith last week saying that the District should be prepared for increased costs in policing in the region.  Doughty said that the District currently pays $10 Million to have police services and there is pressure to catch up to what other towns are paying in the province.

Doughty told HBR that the District pays the same as the Town of Niagara On The Lake pays and covers a larger region.  Doughty also said that Muskoka is policed at levels to support summer population levels, but have to employ officers year round.

Doughty predicted that policing charges could jump to $15 Million in two years and that's a 5% increase on the District levy.


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Touring BC Boys Choir Searching for Billet
Thursday, July 10, 2014 (836 reads)

Celebrating the internationally acclaimed choir's 45th Anniversary, the British Columbia Boys Choir and its 40 young performers will showcase songs and stories that tell the rich history of Canada from east to west: how Canada was built, our multicultural people and the vast country that we call home. O Canada Our Home is about you and me and the pride of being Canadian.

Do you have a spare room for 2-4 boys for the BC Boys Choir? They are looking for billets for boys ages 8-16 for the one night July 16. They will arrive Wednesday afternoon and do sound check and stay at the theatre until the show is over. The billet will take them home after the show and bring them back into Town to the Holiday Inn on Howland Dr. to catch a bus at 7am on Thursday morning. The billet is only responsible for giving the boys breakfast and hopefully a bag lunch for their travels.

If this is something you can help out with - THANK YOU! Simply email Rob Saunders, Festival General Manager, at to confirm how many boys and the address.

Hosts will receive 2 free tickets to the show. (If you already have tickets - we will reimburse you or give credit towards other tickets to be purchased

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MPP Questions Health Minister
Thursday, July 10, 2014 (2482 reads)

This morning during Question Period, Norm Miller, MPP for Parry Sound – Muskoka, took the opportunity to directly question the new Minister of Health on funding for nursing stations throughout the District of Muskoka.

The District submission outlines plans for possible nursing stations to be located in Dorset, Severn Bridge, Port Severn, and Port Carling.

“I believe that the success of nursing stations in the Parry Sound District illustrates the value that they provide for small, rural communities. The District of Muskoka plan is well thought-out and certainly warrants a meeting with the Minister” stated Miller.

“Access to healthcare is a growing concern, particularly when many in need of care already travel great distances to receive treatment. This ‘Made-in-Muskoka’ plan aims to address the key challenges faced by seniors and low income families, as well as the seasonal population” added Miller.

“I am pleased that the Minister has agreed to the meeting and look forward to the next steps.” concluded Miller.

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