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Saturday, August 01, 2015

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En Plein Raises $3,000 Plus.
Friday, July 31, 2015 (445 reads)

Over $3,000 was raised at this years En Plein Air Painting and Auction. 
The event showcases local artists and supports students pursuing post-secondary study in the arts. 
This years event, the seventh since its inception, was held outside Huntsville's Town Hall and auctioned off works created from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

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Clement Announces Millions in Investments.
Friday, July 31, 2015 (8685 reads)

Parry Sound - Muskoka MP Tony Clement was a busy man today, announcing millions in investments across the region.

Clement stopped by Gravenhurst where he announced $500,000 in funding from the Small Communities Fund towards improving internet access in the town.

He was in Burk's Falls where he announced $496,879 for improvements and upgrades to the town's water system including a new water storage tank and electronic application to monitor water levels.

Clement was also in Parry Sound to announce funding to the tune of $762,666 for water main and sewer upgrades that included new watermains, storm sewer systems and associated road work on Emily St.

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FedNor Invests $50,000 Towards Huntsville Ironman.
Friday, July 31, 2015 (2925 reads)

Huntsville's Ironman triathlon receiving a $50,000 cash injection today thanks to local MP Tony Clement. 
Clement announced the funding which will be used to support the upcoming Ironman and further sports tourism in the area. 
"Huntsville has done an amazing job building its sports tourism profile and the Ironman triathlon coming here later this month is a testament to the hardwork of many in the community," Clement said. 
The $50,000 comes through FedNor's Northern Ontario Development Program and will help provide events equipment for the event and support upcoming events as well.

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Huntsville Reminding Residents of Non-Smoking Rules.
Friday, July 31, 2015 (4794 reads)

The Town of Huntsville is reminding residents of changes made to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act this year. 
New regulations introduced on Jan. 1, 2015 made it illegal to smoke on or around playgrounds and publicly owned sport fields and surfaces. 
Similarly, the new regulations make it illegal to smoke on all bar and restaurant patios, covered or otherwise.The only exception is uncovered patios belonging to the Royal Canadian Legion - Ontario Provincial Command, established prior to Nov. 18, 2013. 

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Long Weekend Full of Events to Experience
Friday, July 31, 2015 (3150 reads)

Another long weekend brings a series of events to experience.  Tonight, Downtown Bracebridge offers up Midnight Madness featuring street buskers, aerial silks, music and a dunk tank.  The event kicks off at 6pm and runs through to midnight.

Dwight Firefest is an annual event taking place on August 1st. Presented by Huntsville & Lake of Bays Fire Departments, Firefest has been lighting the night sky over Dwight Beach in Lake of Bays for more than 20 years. Hosted by the area’s volunteer fire department, the event includes live music, food, raffles, fireboat rides and fireworks, as well as a BBQ that starts at 5:00 pm.

And in Gravenhurst you can celebrate the Civic Holiday Weekend with a beautiful display of fireworks at Muskoka Wharf on Saturday August 1stbeginning at dusk.

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Stephenson Rd 1 Bridge in Danger of Not Being Replaced
Thursday, July 30, 2015 (6299 reads)

The Town of Huntsville is having second thoughts on replacing bridge the Stephenson Rd 1.  Last fall the council of the day and Town of Bracebridge officials had agreed to replace the structure and share the costs jointly.

At yesterday's General Committee, Mayor Scott Aitchison lamented that the cost of $2.5 million was not viable given that the road was not open in the winter, due to the steepness of the hills on one side of the bridge.

The grade at one side of the bridge's approach is so steep that plows have a hard time getting up the hill.  Aitichison asked how much it would cost to remove the crown of the hill to make it a year round road and was told $1.2 million by staff.

The mayor asked staff to arrange a meeting with officials from Bracebridge to look at another solution, “rather than spending millions of dollars.”

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Conroy Park Lighting on Hold Until Budget Deliberations
Thursday, July 30, 2015 (1435 reads)

An offer by the Huntsville Soccer Club to supply and install lights over Conroy Park won't likely become a reality until next year as the town decides which system they want to have installed.  The club had offered to install a used halogen system - a donation worth $100,000 in cash and in kind services.

However, the town is concerned with the cost to operate it, and the effect the lighting system will have on nearby residents and the wet lands at Cann Lake.

The town seems to leaning toward buying a new LED system which will cost less to run and eliminate light spillage.  However the cost is $360,000 versus $200,000 for a new halogen system.

Councilor Terziano asked council to defer a decision on which system to go with until budget deliberations begin in the fall.  Terziano told club representatives that she would hope a decision would be made for lighting to be installed in time for next year's playing season.

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Huntsville Over Budget by $380,000
Thursday, July 30, 2015 (1338 reads)

Huntsville's second quarter results are in and according to staff, the town is running a $380,000 deficit to the budget, and that figure did not include a $70,000 contribution to the Ironman.

Corporate Services reports that they are over budget by $100,000, mainly legal fees.  Roads are $85,000 over budget as is the fire dept who are over by $30,000 due to an increase in calls for service.  Fire Chief Hernen says that last year the dept responded to 170 calls and this year so far they have responded to 272 calls and are on track to respond to over 400 by year end.

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Fire Danger in Muskoka Remains at Moderate, Parry Sound Moves to High.
Wednesday, July 29, 2015 (611 reads)

It's been a hot and humid week in Muskoka and the Forest Fire Danger Rating has been increased to moderate with no daytime burning in effect.

The region is still allowing small fires no greater than two meters in diameter.

Further north, in Parry Sound, the fire danger rating has been increased to high causing all regular burning permits to be suspended.

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Bracebridge Supports Beer Fest with $5,000 Grant.
Wednesday, July 29, 2015 (815 reads)

Muskoka's annual craft beer celebration, Session Muskoka, has received a helping hand from Bracebridge.

Bracebridge has donated $5,000 to the craft beer festival which will be hosting its seventh installment this weekend at Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge.

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District Restricts Speed on Portion of Brunel Road.
Wednesday, July 29, 2015 (2754 reads)

Heading out Brunel? Better slow down as the District of Muskoka has placed some speed and weight restrictions for a portion of the roadway.

The district has reduced the speed to 30 km/h and put a weight restirct of no more than five tonnes due to a old and damaged culvert. The area of the road effected spans from north of Baysville at Menominee Lake to the intersection at South Portage Road.

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Hutchison's Pan Am Sand Destined for North Bay Training Facility
Wednesday, July 29, 2015 (1294 reads)

Now that the Pan Am Games are over,  the clean up begins and 80 Truckloads of sand brought to Toronto by Huntsville's Hutchison, Sand and Gravel for the volleyball competitions, will have to be trucked to North Bay.

The sand is destined for a new volleyball training facility.

Hutchison Sand & Gravel is world famous for its volley ball sand and has shipped the specially sized and washed granite particles all over the world.

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Huntsville's General Committee Meets Today
Wednesday, July 29, 2015 (1202 reads)

Huntsville's General Committee will meet today and will get an update from the organizing committee on the Ironman which is coming to Huntsville at the end of August.

Parks & Rec will also update council on the Conroy Park lighting project  and repairs to the existing portions of the Hunters Bay Trail.

The meeting starts at 10am in Huntsville Council Chambers.

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Gravenhurst Plans Transformation Into Year Round Economy
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 (3916 reads)

The Town of Gravenhurst has embarked on a plan to attract former residents, entrepreneurs and skilled talent to begin a transformation to a year-round economy supporting a greater number of full-time residents.

The centre piece of the marketing plan is a new website called "”.

Renato Romanin, Gravenhurst's Director Economic Development and communications said "The new website is the gateway to valuable information for entrepreneurs, small business owners and creative knowledge workers to learn more about Gravenhurst as of place for business 365 days a year," he said.

The Gravenhurst Economic Development department commissioned a company to conduct extensive research and stakeholder engagement to help develop a marketing plan that contains a series of programs to reach and entice two audiences – former residents or "expatriates’" and prospective residents to relocate to Gravenhurst.

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Hunters Bay Trail Extension Given Green Light by Council
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 (4961 reads)

The Hunters Bay Trail extension is a go after Huntsville council approved the expenditure of $37,550 in 2016 and 2017 as the town's portion of the cost of the extension.

Staff told council that the previous stumbling block had been a right of way from the MTO, that would allow the trail to pass under the highway and that the MTO had allowed the project to proceed.

Councilors also heard that the town received $50,000 in additional funding from the Pan Am Games Legacy fund, raising the total to $252,000, and $85,000 from the District's Active Transportation fund.

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Meadow Park to Get New Tennis Courts at a Cost of $105,000
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 (2178 reads)

Last night Huntsville Council decided to replace the Meadow Park tennis courts at a cost of $105,000.  The decision came after a deputation from the Huntsville Racqueteers who lamented that the town is underserved with tennis facilities compared to other towns of the same size.

Staff provided a report outlining the estimated costs and feedback from a public meeting and recommended moving ahead with replacement. 

Council also asked staff to enter into talks to open the Conroy Park courts with TLDSB to allow the public to play during the school year.  Currently the school board has exclusive use of the courts during the school day.

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Huntsville Defers Culture Station Issue to December
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 (3595 reads)

Last night Huntsville Council voted to defer making a decision on the fate of the Culture Station after councilors put different options on a rent increase  for the facility on the table.

Councilors Terziano and Stone both re-affirmed their support of the groups using the Culture Station, but were firm in their belief that the rent must increase, but couldn't agree on what.

Councilor Alcock was passionate about supporting the group using the facility saying that she didn't want to knock the initiative off its feet, and wanted to build the partnership.

Kelly Haywood, representing the user groups asked the town to work with the users in partnership and to honour the lease for the rest of the 5 year term, or sell the building to the chamber for a nominal sum.

After a number of motions were proposed and defeated, Mayor Aitchison proposed that council defer to  allow all groups to investigate and come back to council at a future date.

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Kearney On the Hunt for New Fire Chief.
Monday, July 27, 2015 (3491 reads)

The Town of Kearney has a new fire chief today after the town's council voted to remove 35-year-volunteer Rick Philip earlier this month. 
The decision was made at a council meeting held on July 17 but was done so privately in a closed session portion of the meeting.
Kearney town council voted to appoint the towns former deputy fire chief Bob Harrison to serve as an interim chief until a new, permanent chief can be found. Harrison takes over the position today. 

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Gina Horswood Takes Top Spot at Collingwood Music Series.
Monday, July 27, 2015 (3456 reads)

Austalian-born musician and Huntsville favourite Gina Horswood has another win under her belt, this time in Collingwood.
Horswood is the winner of the Collingwood Live & Original Music Series.
The Live and Original Music series is an off-shoot of the Collingwood Elvis Festival and seeks to give young singers/songwriters a chance to showcase their original music. 
The event played out through a series of performances with participants being narrowed down until six winners were chosen. 
Horswood took the first place spot, with a grand prize of $3,000. 
Horswood won the top spot for her performance of Bad Fruit and Backbone from her upcoming album Porcelain. 

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Thousands Flock to Santa Fest
Monday, July 27, 2015 (2053 reads)

Thousands of people came out for Santa Fest in Downtown Bracebridge on Saturday.  Residents and visitors alike took in all the activities on the water front, the various displays, food, music and Town Crier competition.   The highlight was the Santa Claus Parade and the appearance of the Jolly Old Man himself.

Organizers say this is the first time in several years that the event was held and by all accounts a smashing success.

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Culture Station Issue Tops Port Sydney's Huntsville Council Meeting Agenda
Monday, July 27, 2015 (3598 reads)

Tonight, Huntsville Town Council has been moved to the Port Sydney Community Hall and will hear another report from staff on the "Culture Station" .   Besides the report, council will hear a deputation from the Chamber of Commerce representing user groups of the Culture Station.

Kelly Haywood of the Chamber is expected to call on councilors to honour the lease, which she says is good for another 4 years or sell the building to the chamber for a nominal fee.

Council will also hear from the Huntsville Racqueteers group who normally play on the Meadow Park Tennis Courts which have been closed all summer.

The meeting will be held at the Port Sydney Community Hall at 7pm.

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Muskoka Pride Week Wraps Up with Pride Picnic
Monday, July 27, 2015 (361 reads)

Muskoka Pride wrapped up a week full of events with the 7th Annual Muskoka Pride Picnic at Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge yesterday.

Pride Week, which kicked off in Huntsville on July 17 with a BBQ at River Mill Park, saw ample opportunity for the LGBTQ community and supporters to celebrate with a variety of events including a boat cruise, film screening, mini golf tournament and camp fire.

Local municipalities raised the pride flag to mark the occasion - only the 2nd year  that all six had participated.

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Accused in March Robbery Back in Court on July 28.
Friday, July 24, 2015 (2328 reads)

Tristan Taylor, the accused in a Huntsville robbery, will be back in court on July 28 to set a trial date.

Taylor, 23, is charged with disguise with intent, assault with a weapon and robbery using a firearm in relation to a robbery that took place last March at the Huntsville IDA Drugstore. During the robbery the accused is said to have assaulted a pharmacist with a handgun and made off with a quantity of prescription drugs.

The incident garnered significant police involvement with police deploying emergency response teams and canine units to investigate. Taylor was arrested in connection to the robbery three days after the incident and has been in police custody since.

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Reminder: Huntsville Council Meeting in Port Sydney.
Friday, July 24, 2015 (1136 reads)

The Town of Huntsville is reminding people that the regularly schedule meeting of town council slated for Monday, July 27, will not be hosted at the Huntsville Town Hall but rather the Port Sydney Community Hall. 
On the schedule for Monday's meeting is a deputation from Chamber of Commerce executive director Kelly Haywood regarding the CN Train Station and a  deputation from Dennis Wilks of the Huntsville Racqueteers Tennis Group.
The Port Sydney community hall is located at 607 Muskoka Road 10 and the counil meeting starts at 7 p.m.

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Missing Youth Located in Penetanguishene.
Friday, July 24, 2015 (893 reads)

A youth reported missing from Tay Township earlier this week has been found safe and sound. 

Austin Galbraith-Cox was reported missing on July 20 and was located on July 22 in Penetanguishene. 

Police are thanking all media and citizens who helped spread the word. 

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Lots Going On in the Region
Friday, July 24, 2015 (8147 reads)

Starting tonight and through the weekend, the most travelled locks on the Trent Waterway will celebrate its 100th Anniversary at Lock 45 in Port Severn.

The waterway is an integral part of Port Severn's history, and officials say that Lock 45 is pulling out all the stops for its 100th year anniversary, featuring fireworks, a gala, afternoon concert, children's entertainment, and a historical re-enactment of the first lockage, you won't want to miss the celebration.

In Gravenhurst, it's the Muskoka in water boat show and rib fest at the wharf.  The event features great food and local beer, live entertainment and more than 100 boat and cottage exhibits.

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Bracebridge Woman $100,000 Richer
Friday, July 24, 2015 (4541 reads)

A Bracebridge resident is $100,000 richer this morning after winning on a scratch and win card from a local merchant. Blanche Tipple of Bracebridge won the $100,000 top prize playing INSTANT SILVER AND GOLD.

The winning ticket was purchased at Gagnon’s Your Independent Grocer on Wellington Street in Bracebridge.

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Santa Fest Starts Tomorrow
Friday, July 24, 2015 (10391 reads)

This weekend the Town of Bracebridge will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Santa's Summer Home with a weekend full of activities that starts on Saturday with Santa Fest in Downtown Bracebridge.

The festivities include water shows and demos, a scavenger hunt and other displays,shopping and a parade dowtown.

Sunday, the festivities move to Santa's Village with 2 for 1 admission and new attractions for its 60th season.

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RBC Donates to The Muskoka Small Business Centre
Friday, July 24, 2015 (251 reads)

RBC recently donated $1500 to the Muskoka Small Business Centre to help support entrepreneurs and other small business.   The Muskoka Small Business Centre operates out of Bracebridge and serves the entire region and Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith who was on hand for the cheque presentation said that the organization is important to the community and the role it plays.  Smith thanked RBC for the support it lends to Muskoka Small Business.

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Health Care Partnership Brings Heart Health Closer to Muskokans.
Thursday, July 23, 2015 (1107 reads)

An partnership between the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) and Southlake Regional Health Centre will improve cardiac care service for patients in North Simcoe and Muskoka, according to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. 
Wynne announced today that the two health centres would be partnering to offer advanced cardiac care services at both facilities, resulting in faster access to service for those people living in North Simcoe or Muskoka.
“Our government is working to ensure that people across Ontario have access to high-quality health care. We are pleased to support this proposal to bring advanced heart care to North Simcoe and Muskoka,” Wynne said in a release issued earlier today.
Southlake Regional Health Centre is home to the third-largest advanced cardiac care program in the province and under the partnership cardiologists will be able to work at both hospitals, effectively improving coverage and skill development. 

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Huntsville's Former EDO Facing Perjury, Obstruction Charges.
Thursday, July 23, 2015 (9093 reads)

The former economic development officer (EDO) for the Town of Huntsville will has his day in court, but it won’t be until Sept. 8. 
John Finley, who served as the EDO for the Town until his retirement in 2012, is facing charges of perjury and obstruction of a peace officer. 
At a hearing on July 21, a representative of Finley’s lawyer requested that the issue be remanded to a later date so that Finley’s council could hold a disclosure meeting regarding the matter.
In a report by the Huntsville Forester Finely is quoted as saying that the charges are connected to his time working with the Town, but no official statement from the Town has been made regarding the matter. 

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Three Amigo's Dog Park to be Open by Mid-August
Thursday, July 23, 2015 (2198 reads)

The Town of Bracebridge advises that the Three Amigo's Dog Park is in the final stages of construction and say that a Grand Opening Celebration is being planned for early October.

The 1.7 acre Three Amigos Dog Park at James W. Kerr Park has had extensive drainage remediation and fencing is now being installed.  Councilor Lori-Lynn Giaschi-Pacini, Chair of the Dog Park Committee says that “It is anticipated that the Three Amigos Dog Park will be ready for dogs in mid- August”.

To date the Dog Park Committee has raised over $53,000 from the community and are still accepting donations to complete the project. Brock and Willa Napier were honoured to have the park named after their three beloved labs, the Three Amigos, after contributing $20,000 towards construction of the dog park.

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Culture Station Groups Ask Residents to Show Their Support
Thursday, July 23, 2015 (4954 reads)

The groups that use the old CN Train Station known as the "Culture Station" are asking residents for their support as they go before Huntsville Town Council on Monday to ask the town to defer a decision on a rent increase.  The "Station Masters" as they call themselves want the extra time to properly assess the site and create a plan for the sustainability of the community asset.

Residents are being asked to attend the next council meeting on Monday at 7pm, being held at the Port Sydney Community Hall or sign an online petition, the link can be found here:

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District Supports 'Citizens Rights' to Healthy Environment.
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 (1056 reads)

The District of Muskoka voted last night to join the ranks of 68 other municipalities in Ontario who support citizens rights to a healthy environment. 

11-year-old Jacob Hills, accompanied by two others, made a deputation to district council on behalf of BlueDOT movement in support of clean air, water and soil for future generations. 

Hills and his deputation said they feel that given Muskoka's natural beauty that pledging their support to citizens rights was an opportunity to exemplify what Muskoka is about. 

Council voted unanimously to support the resolution with district staff saying that Muskoka is already a leader and longtime supporter of environmental rights and this resolution aligns with the districts stance on the issue. 

Under the resolution the district acknowledges their support for the right to access clean air, water, healthy food and nature as well as the right to know about pollutants or contaminates released into the local environment as well as the right to participate in decision making regarding the environment. 

District will also send requests to both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Kathleen Wynne asking that they're governments formally recognize citizens rights.

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Gravenhurst Announces New CAO
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 (2764 reads)

Gravenhurst's, Mayor Paisley Donaldson announced that Council has appointed Glen Davies as the new Chief Administrative Officer for the Town.  The announcement was made during a council meeting held yesterday. Mr. Davies will begin on November 2nd, 2015.

Davies was previously employed as City Manager with the City of Regina since 2006.

Mayor Donaldson said that “Mr. Davies has the profile of the professional we were looking for to lead our administration. He brings the right mix of political acuity, and management experience and he is a great communicator,” added Donaldson.

Mr. Davies had a varied career in the municipal sector before consulting, having worked for a number of different sized municipalities in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Gravenhurst Heritage Committee Hands Out Awards to Area Businesses
Tuesday, July 21, 2015 (409 reads)

Gravenhurst's Built Heritage Award has been presented to four properties in Gravenhurst. The award was presented by the Municipal Heritage Committee to property owners for fostering Gravenhurst’s built heritage through renovation, restoration or a new build.

"Heritage does not necessarily mean old. The Municipal Heritage Committee celebrates built heritage. This means buildings and structures that are culturally significant and can help tell the story of how the Town has developed over time." explains Hank Smith, committee chair.

This year’s award winners are:

- Sawdust City Brewing,

- IDA pharmacy,

- Royal LePage,

- Rosehurst/Garner Lodge, all of Gravenhurst.

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Lake of Bays Asked to Support Motion for Two Hospitals
Tuesday, July 21, 2015 (817 reads)

Lake of Bays Council will be meeting today and will be discussing the Hospital Situation and how it affects the residents of the township.   The municipality has been asked by the Town of Bracebridge to support a resolution calling on the MAHC to maintain two full acute care hospitals in the region.

However, Mayor Bob Young told HBR last month that he supports a new single site hospital that could be located in Huntsville, Port Sydney or even a third option, at the intersection of Hwy 117 and Hwy 11.

Young said that his views don't reflect those of council.   Today Lake of Bays will decide on supporting two hospitals or not.

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Muskoka Ratepayers Face Challenge from Members
Tuesday, July 21, 2015 (1054 reads)

Some members of the Muskoka Ratepayers Association are declining to renew their membership with the organization saying that the leadership team of the Muskoka Ratepayers is far too politically biased against the Bala area.

Ted Farley says the Muskoka Ratepayers is "supposedly an impartial advocate for all ratepayers in Muskoka."  Yet Farley and a number of other resignee's say that the organization is too supportive of Muskoka Lakes Mayor and council.  Farley says the Muskoka Ratepayers "has totally ignored the wishes of the affected Ward A councilors (from Bala) and that should be deplorable to any citizen of Muskoka."

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Gravenhurst Fire Dept. Looking for Recruits.
Monday, July 20, 2015 (1785 reads)

The Gravenhurst Fire Department is looking for volunteers as part of its annual recruitment drive. 
"We have an ongoing need to fill the ranks of our volunteer firefighting force at all three of our stations here in Gravenhurst," said Fire Chief Larry Brassard. 
Prospective firefighters must undergo some intensive training during their first six months of work and are required to attend weeking training thereafter to help hone their skills further.
Those interested are encouraged to stop by any of the stations to speak with firefighters and pick up an application. Applications can also be found online at in the Fire Department section. 

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Bracebridge Offers Up Cooling Centres to Help Beat the Heat.
Monday, July 20, 2015 (734 reads)

In light of the hotter-than-normal weather Muskoka has been experiencing lately, the Town of Bracebridge has created cooling centres to help people beat the heat. 
Bracebridge announced on July 18 that the towns facilities were open for use as cooling centres during the warm weather providing an air-condition environment where reside3nts can cool down during the hot temperatures. 
Both the Bracebridge Public Library and municipal office are listed as approved cooling centres as well as the Bracebridge Sportsplex. 

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Muskoka Conservancy Says Pest is Coming to Muskoka
Monday, July 20, 2015 (4305 reads)

The Muskoka Conservancy will be installing traps to detect the Emerald Ash Borer today in Bracebridge.  The conservancy says that the invasive pest is heading to Muskoka.  The Conservancy says that the Emerald Ash Borer is a highly destructive invasive pest that arrived from Asia, most likely in untreated Ash wood used for packing material.

Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith will be at the installation on behalf of the town at 5.30 at the Chamber of Commerce.

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Municipalities Join in Celebrations With Pride Flag Raisings
Monday, July 20, 2015 (402 reads)

Pride Flags will be rising throughout the region today as each municipality in the region will be hoisting the rainbow flag to mark Pride Week in Muskoka.

Both Townships of Lake of Bays and Georgian Bay will raise their flags this morning at 10.30am, followed by Muskoka Lakes Twp at noon.

This afternoon, Gravenhurst will raise its flag at 2pm, with Bracebridge at 2.45pm and Huntsville at 3.45pm.

Today's events are part of a week of celebrations that started on Friday with a Kick off BBQ in Huntsville.

Other events planned include a Film Screening, Boat Cruise, Volunteer Social and Pride picnic.

For more information on all the events, visit

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Man Faces Litany of Charges After Multiple Marina Break-Ins.
Friday, July 17, 2015 (3224 reads)

A 24-year-old from Wasauksing First Nation has been charged with a litany of offences after polict investigated numerous break-ins to Parry Sound marinas. 
Cauk-ta Judge has been charged with trespassing at night, breaking and entering, theft of a motor vehicle over $5,000, theft under $5,000, possession of property obtained by crime under $5,000 and mischief under $5,000. 
Judge was released from custody and is slated to be a Parry Sound court on Aug. 20. 

Police are reminding the public that their first line of defence in these situations is to secure their property using property locks and security.

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Ottawa Talk Radio Focuses on Bala Falls Issue.
Friday, July 17, 2015 (7320 reads)

An Ottawa talk-radio program will be taking on the topic of the Bala Falls hydro-electric program tomorrow. 

Nick Vandergradt, host of Nick @ Night on 580 CFRA in Ottawa, will be fielding calls regarding the campaign to save the Bala Falls from the proposed hydro-electric development slated for the area. 

The show runs from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. and can be listened to online at if you’re not in the area. If you’d like to call in and voice your concerns you can call their studio line at 613-521-TALK (8255).

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Turtle Time in Muskoka.
Friday, July 17, 2015 (1433 reads)

S.T.A.R.T., also know as Saving Turtles At Risk Today, is a Muskoka-wide initiative that works to conserve and protect turtles in Muskoka and on July 26, they want you to get involved. 
At 10 a.m. on July 26, S.T.A.R.T. will be hosting what it is calling a “turtle blitz.” The blitz will allow people to help engage with S.T.A.R.T. and help them in their research efforts by catching turtles. The blitz is open to people of all ages and is a chance for people to learn about the research S.T.A.R.T. does and more about turtles, or just to have fun and catch some turtles.

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Bracebridge Asks for Input on Muskoka River Erosion
Friday, July 17, 2015 (629 reads)

The Town of Bracebridge will be hosting a Public Open House tomorrow, seeking input regarding siltation and erosion that appears to be occurring on the Muskoka River from Lake Muskoka to the confluence of the North and South Branches of the Muskoka River.

The Town says that the deposit of materials at the mouth of the Muskoka River has been an ongoing natural occurrence. However, due to recent high flows experienced in the 2013 - 1 in 100 year flood event, corresponding alluvial deposits have created recreational and commercial concerns on this important navigation route.

Landowners having property fronting on the Muskoka River and other individuals who use the river for personal or business uses are invited to attend a Public Open House.  Information is sought regarding observed changes in the river over the past number of years, the rivers future, and the need for potential remediation to ensure safe navigation.

The Public Open House will be held in the Bracebridge Council Chambers - Municipal Office this Saturday July 18, at 10:30 a.m.

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Bracebridge to Host Town Cryers Guild Competition
Friday, July 17, 2015 (350 reads)

Bracebridge Town Criers Bruce & Shaun Kruger, will be hosting the Ontario Guild of Town Criers 30th Anniversary Provincial Competition in Bracebridge this month.

Twenty Town Criers and 15 Crier’s Escorts are expected to participate, coming from as far away as Hull, Quebec and Easton, Pennsylvania, Perth to Brantford.

This year's Guild will be held in conjunction with the 14th Anniversary of the Muskoka Escapades of Town Criers Competition in Bracebridge, which the Krugers say is the longest running Crier Competition in Canada. 

The first two cries will be held in conjunction with SantaFest at the main stage on Manitoba Street Saturday, at 10.15 am & and 2.15 pm. on July 25th

The third cry will be judged at Santa’s Village on Sunday at 2 pm in celebration of the Village’s 60th Anniversary of Santa’s Summer Home.

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Muskoka Pride Week Starts Today
Friday, July 17, 2015 (1228 reads)

Muskoka Pride Week celebrations start today in Huntsville with a Kick Off BBQ.  Organizers are inviting to public to come out and show their support.  The event is open to the public and family friendly.

The BBQ will offer free food, music and activities and starts at 4pm and runs through until 6.30pm.

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Women's Group Planning to "Take Back" Hunters Bay Trail.
Thursday, July 16, 2015 (4556 reads)

Muskoka Women’s Advocacy Group (MWAG) is behind a new event in Huntsville aimed at raising awareness of violence and women’s safety.

Aptly titled “Take Back the Trail” the event will be a walk along the Hunters Bay Trail where, a number of years ago, a woman was attacked and violently sexually assaulted. That crime is the reasoning behind the events name and location.

The Aug. 9 event will be a 4 km walk along the trail towards Centre Street and back again and will feature live music and BBQ provided by Connor Homes, with all proceeds going towards MWAG. Running from 12:30 to 4 p.m., the walk is open to everyone and pledges can be collected to help support MWAGs work for women in Muskoka.

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Nelson Returns Home After Fight July 25 Fight Cancelled.
Thursday, July 16, 2015 (2472 reads)

MMA pro and hometown hero Kyle "the Monster" Nelson is coming home empty handed after his opponent backed out of a title fight due to an injury. 
Nelson had been scheduled to fight in British Columbia's Battlefield Fight League (BFL) on July 25. The fight was against B.C. based fighter Jeremy Kennedy with the winner taking the title of pro featherweight champion.
Initially, Nelson still hoped to fight in an interim title fight with a replacement opponent but was unable to secure a fight. 
Nelson was visibly disappointed by the cancellation after having spent thousands in travel and training expenses. In a post on Nelson's official Facebook fan page he posted "[Jeremy] gets to hold on to his belt a bit longer but I'm still coming for it and he can't hide forever." 
Opponent Kennedy and his supporters were quick to comment on Nelson's post resulting in a series of back-and-forth exchanges between both camps over the cancellation.
Nelson has not yet released any information about any future matches but posted that he still has plans to fight in the BFL and "clean out the division in B.C."

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Proposed Wind Farm Gets $3 Million Boost from Feds.
Thursday, July 16, 2015 (3376 reads)

A proposed 300-megawatt wind farm to be built in Henvey Inlet was the recipient of a $3 million investment today thanks to the Federal Government.
Parry Sound - Muskoka MP Tony Clement announced the investment today at the Henvey Inlet First Nation on behalf of Bernard Valcourt, the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. Clement praised the wind-energy project calling it a "source of pride and economic opportunity" for the Henvey Inlet First Nation. 
In an accompanying press release, the federal government says that the wind farm would guarantee future financial independence and employment for the Henvey Inlet First Nation and surrounding communities. 
The project is an initiative of Nigig Power Corporation (created by the Henvey Inlet First Nation) and is proposed to be built on Reserve #2 within the Henvey Inlet community and located between Sudbury and Parry Sound. 
First Nation Chief M. Wayne McQuabbie shared Clement and the Federal Government's enthusiasm saying, 

"Along with a wide range of jobs that will be created directly in the wind energy sector, full employment will come from the many spin-off projects in road construction, cement plant operation, crane and heavy equipment operation and small business development for our community members."

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Novel Marathon Smashes Fundraising Goal.
Wednesday, July 15, 2015 (4643 reads)

With the Muskoka Novel Marathon closing out its activities after 72 hours in front of a keyboard, organizers announced Saturday that the fundraiser had exceeded its 2014 record of $23,000 with a 2015 total of $28,568 and three cents.

Money raised will be used to provide support to the YMCA's literary services programs in Huntsville.

"It's absolutely unbelievable," said Eileen Lee, program coordinator for YMCA Learning Services. "The money will help enable us to provide additional quality instruction time."

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Three Swimming Advisories in Effect for Area Beaches.
Wednesday, July 15, 2015 (35925 reads)

The Simcoe - Muskoka District Health Unit have issued a swiming advisory for three area beaches this month including Gull Lake Park Beach in Gravenhurst, West Balm Beach in Tiny Township and Mackenzie Park Beach in Tay Township.

Swimming advisories serve as warning to swimmers regarding higher than normal bacteria levels that could cause increased risk of developing skin, eye, ear, nose and throat infections as well as stomach disorders.

The advisory is not a beach closure but the health unit recommends that if swimmers do choose to enter the water, they try to avoid submerging their head in the water and swallowing any water.

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Muskoka Ratepayers Hold AGM on July 18th
Wednesday, July 15, 2015 (2122 reads)

The Muskoka Ratepayers Association will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Saturday.  The AGM will feature two speakers, Ron Bent  and Matt French.  Bent will be talking about the history and future of the Muskoka Airport. Matt French will be speaking about Muskoka's Cranberry industry.

The meeting will be held at the Port Carling Community Centre and starts at 10am.

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Fire Levels Cottage
Wednesday, July 15, 2015 (1202 reads)

The Muskoka Lakes Fire Department was called to a structure fire at 1079 Elgin House Road shortly after 7:30 PM yesterday.  Fire crews from Minett and Port Carling Stations responded to find a two story cottage fully engulfed in flames. Three adults and five children were in the structure but all escaped without injury.

Fire crews continued to battle the blaze until it was extinguished and an investigation into the cause is underway.

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Huntsville Man Paralyzed in Workplace Accident.
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (45977 reads)

A workplace accident has left a local man on life support and his family reeling.

Ed Broadbent, 41, from Huntsville, injured his spine in a workplace accident in Windermere on June 25. Broadbent was airlifted to St. Michaels Hospital in Toronto as a result of the accident that has left him a quadriplegic.

A single father to a 12-year-old daughter, Broadbent has undergone numerous surgeries to try to improve his mobility and is currently battling pneumonia and a blood clot in his lung in addition to his recovery, which is estimated as being anywhere from six months to one year in length.

Broadbent's friends and family have started a campaign to help support his daughter and family during this trying time and alleviate expenses associated with commuting to and from Toronto and accomodation.

A trust fund account has been set up with CIBC where donations can be made at any branch, additionally a gofundme account has also been set up and the family will be holding a benefit dance at the Utterson Community Hall on Aug. 15 at 7 p.m.

To make a donation you can visit or through the CIBC's account numbered #7938438 Transit # 08942

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Clement, Lakeland Energy Announce Increased Internet Services in Bracebridge and Huntsville.
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (11324 reads)

Huntsville and Bracebridge will be getting a boost in tech-services after an announcement of funding from the Government of Canada and Ontario.

Parry Sound – Muskoka MP, Tony Clement, along with CEO of Lakeland Energy, Chris Litschko, announced today the installation of fibre optic cable in the two towns that will improve internet access by bringing high-speed online benefits to the area.

The government of Canada through its Small Communties fund, along with the Ontario government have committed to provide $2.8 million each towards the project. The remainder of the funding will be covered by Lakeland Energy Ltd. 

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Huntsville Mayors Golf Tournament Slated for Sept. 23.
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (859 reads)

The 2015 Huntsville Mayors Charity Golf Tournament is slated for late September.

Mayor Scott Aitchison announced the tournament at a press conference earlier today saying that the event will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 23 at the Deerhurst Highlands and Lakeside golf courses.

Organizers are still looking for sponsors for the event and tickets for the highlands course are $225 per player and $125 per player on the lakeside course.

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Ironman Muskoka Adds Two New Sponsors, Unveils Floating Coffee Shop.
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (3636 reads)

The Muskoka Iron Man announced today that they had welcomed two new sponsors to their ranks and that they had a special project to unveil.

Myke Malone, the general manager of the Ironman Muskoka, announced that Muskoka Roastery coffee and Pipefusion-NyDock have pledged thousands in sponsorship to the upcoming athletic event.

Muskoka Roastery committed to a gold-level sponsorship, offering up $5,000 over a one-year term while Pipefusion earned themselves a platinum-level sponsorhip, committing to a three-year, $25,000 sponsorship.

Shortly after the announcement, the sponsors unveiled a cooperative project in the form of a 16 x 32 foot barge-style floating coffee shop.

The project is a spin-off from a similar initiative pioneered by the Hawaiin Ironman. It will float on the right side of the start and finish lines on Peninsula lake and will offer up morning coffee to athletes training for the aquatic portion of the race. The coffee barge will be open to athletes, family members, media, organizers and VIP.

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Boy Survives Fall From Second Storey Window
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (19073 reads)

A five year old boy is expected to recover after falling from a second storey window yesterday on Main St West in Huntsville.  OPP and EMS responded after a call from Hunters Bay Radio and the young lad was transported to hospital.

Police are continuing to investigate.

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Bracebridge Marks Santa's Village 60th Anniversary
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (2346 reads)

The entire town of Bracebridge will be marking a milestone on July 25th - the 60th anniversary of Santa's Village.  Organizers are playying a fun event that they say will capture the spirit of Christmas, even in the middle of the summer.

The event will be held in Downtown Bracebridge from 10am to 5pm and will include vendors, activities and other attractions.

The celebrations will continue at Santa's Village on July 26th when the village offers 2 for 1 admissions and new attractions for its 60th season.

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Wakestock Cancelled for 2015
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (11338 reads)

Wakestock has postponed its 2015 season.  The announcement was made yesterday on the event's website said that Wakestock will take a year off in consideration of date conflicts with other and events and related factors.

Last year, Wakestock returned to Bala for the first time in several years.  Organizers promised that an announcement outlining their plans for 2016 would be made in the near future.

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Kids and Cops Cast the Reel in Fishing Event.
Monday, July 13, 2015 (618 reads)

Kids and cops were side-by-side last week to go fishing in Haliburton. 
Part of the Kids and Cops fishing event at Head Lake Park the event is partially sponsored by the non-profit Fishing Forever, who help to fund fishing, conservation and education projects.

Bob Izumi, of the television show Real Fishing, spoke about the benefits of such programs saying, 

“Fishing is one of the very best ways for parents and other adults to establish productive and healthy relationships with children. This program is a perfect way for kids to learn that these dedicated men and women care about them as individuals, not as potential young offenders.”

The OPP would like to thank all involved in the program and all the sponsors as well. 

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Norm Miller Says He Has No Intention of Leaving Parry Sound - Muskoka.
Monday, July 13, 2015 (4333 reads)

Local MPP Norm Miller says he has every intention of running in the next provincial election, despite speculation from some that he may be planning to step aside. 
Former Huntsville Mayor Hugh Mackenzie speculated earlier today in a recent post to his blog Listen Up! that a provincial by-election may be in the works citing a lack of visible engagement by Miller as his reasoning for the speculation.
Mackenzie commented saying that since the new head of the provincial conservative party, Patrick Brown, was elected, Miller had been less engaged in the riding. MacKenzie speculated that perhaps Millers lack of engagement was signalling his plans to vacate his seat and that Brown (who is without a riding at the moment) may have his eyes on Parry Sound - Muskoka.  
Miller was quick to acknowledge the speculations saying he has no intention of vacating his seat and will be running in the next provincial election. 

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Les Stroud of Survivorman Injured in Mongolian Vehicle Rollover.
Monday, July 13, 2015 (18114 reads)

Survivalist and television personality, Les Stroud, was involved in a high-speed vehicle accident during a filming trip to Mongolia. 
Stroud hosts the survival show Survivorman and was on location in Mongolia when a land rover he was driving in rolled twice at around 50 miles per hour. Stroud reported that no one was seriously injured in the crash with exception of Stroud who reported on his Facebook page last week that he had a dislocated shoulder and a few broken ribs. 
As a result of the crash, Stroud says that Survivorman Mongolia will be put on indefinite hiatus so that he can recover and prepare for the upcoming shoot in Alaska. 

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Bracebridge to Hold Meeting on Erosion & Navagation Issues on Muskoka River
Monday, July 13, 2015 (1199 reads)

The Town of Bracebridge will be hosting a Public Open House seeking input regarding siltation and erosion that appears to be occurring on the Muskoka River from Lake Muskoka to the confluence of the North and South Branches of the Muskoka River.

The Town says that the deposit of materials at the mouth of the Muskoka River has been an ongoing natural occurrence. However, due to recent high flows experienced in the 2013 - 1 in 100 year flood event, corresponding alluvial deposits have created recreational and commercial concerns on this important navigation route.

Landowners having property fronting on the Muskoka River and other individuals who use the river for personal or business uses are invited to attend a Public Open House.  Information is sought regarding observed changes in the river over the past number of years, the rivers future, and the need for potential remediation to ensure safe navigation.

The Public Open House will be held in the Bracebridge Council Chambers - Municipal Office on Saturday July 18, at 10:30 a.m.

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Thousands Take in the Sights at Nuit Blanche
Monday, July 13, 2015 (1878 reads)

Thousands of people descended on Downtown Huntsville on Saturday Night for the Huntsville Festival of the Art's Nuit Blanche North.

The festival saw thousands participate in live music, performance, art exhibits, food and even a drag show. It was by all accounts a huge success and a magical night.

If you missed it check out our photo essay at

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