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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Fresh New Sound of Muskoka

After nearly 4 1/2 years of broadcasting online, Hunters Bay Radio was approved by the CRTC to operate an FM radio station providing Community Programming to Huntsville and surrounding communities at 88.7mhz. Our listeners have told us that they wanted to be able to listen everywhere and not be limited to an internet connection. The license allows HBR to fill a void in the local media by providing local news, commentary, and community programming as well as a great variety of music featuring local, independent music with a focus on genres that don’t get airplay on commercial radio.

HBR is a not-for-profit service and is staffed by a great group of volunteers and a few staff, who bring a passion for the music and topics that are of interest to them and the community. We have over 25 people bringing you relevant programming each week and are always looking for volunteers to get involved in the station. While we undergo a period of significant change and growth, we have no plans to abandon our internet technologies, and will continue to embrace the future that will be brought as the internet continues to morph into the dominant media distribution method of the future.Watch for more information on our launch and fundraising initiatives that will take HBR (CKAR-FM) to the next level.

We flipped the switch on our FM Transmitter on May 15th and are broadcasting to Muskoka and the Almaguin Highlands and are the fastest growing radio station in the area!






More Variety

Playing much more music, from your favorites to classic pop, classic  alternatives, new music and stuff you’ve never heard before; Hunters Bay Radio will expand your horizons with the largest playlist in Muskoka, along with our News and Commentary, we will keep you informed, entertained, amused, and intrigued, but never bored.


It has been proven over and over again to be true: the right message on the right station aired for the right amount of time always get results for the advertiser. HBR will prove to be effective at building long term brand awareness as well as immediate reaction to your time-sensitive marketing message.
Listener Loyalty
Through our extensive community involvement, on-air personalities, great music mix and local content, HBR will continue to build a one-on-one relationship with our listeners. People connect with their favorite radio station in a very personal way.
Hunters Bay Radio is everywhere. On the dock, in your car, at the cottage, at work, where ever you are. It reaches listeners when they are actively going out to make purchases.
Cost Effective
HBR can deliver more impact and more impressions than any other medium. We will maximize your marketing budget for both small businesses and for those larger companies who can invest in multiple platformsContact us today:For information on we can help your business, please contact our General Sales Manager James Dahlke or Account Executive Phil Ward at 705-224-0121


We bring a loyal following of listeners from our Internet beginnings and are quickly becoming known as the "alternative" to corporate radio in Muskoka.

FM Coverage

Our coverage area takes in most of Muskoka and part of the Parry Sound District as well as the southern portion of the Almaguin Highlands including these towns:

Huntsville, Bracebridge, Port Carling, Bala, Parry Sound, Burks Falls, and into Algonquin Park.  Our Internet reach is world wide and we are lucky enough to have listeners from all over the globe, whether they are future or past visitors or residents, or someone who just likes our music and news content.

We bring a listenership that is composed primarily of 25-54 year olds, with a 60/40 mix of Females to males.

Internet Radio targets a favorable demographic

40% more likely to live in a household with higher than average income when compared to the general population

Most “streamies” are educated, internet savvy & comfortable making purchases online.

The percentage of professionals who listen to internet radio over terrestrial radio has grown from 12% to 20% in one year’s time.

Social Reach

HBR is the dominant media on the internet.  Our social reach is clearly the largest in the region.  More people keep up to date with what is happening in Muskoka through Hunters Bay than any other radio station or newspaper.

News & Opinion

Hunters Bay Provides the News

News anchor, Jeff Carter will be updating local  news and information on the half hour from 6am until 9am and hourly until 6pm.  Muskoka Online's website will have the breaking news 24/7.  We invite you to talk back anytime you have something to say.


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