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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Local News
Old Tembec Plant to House Marijuana Grow-Op
2/27/2015 12:58:22 PM
You can add marijuana to the list of grow...
Tony's Rockin' Shindig to be Featured on Segment by CPAC
2/27/2015 9:57:31 AM

Hunter’s Bay Radio will be taking a look on the bright side this weekend as political channel, CPAC, invades our Huntsville Studio o...

Extreme Cold Weather Weather Warning in Effect
2/27/2015 5:57:43 AM

Environment Canada has issued an Extreme Cold Weather Warning for the region this morning.

Yet anothe...

Bus Cancellations
2/27/2015 5:36:11 AM

Nipissing Parry Sound Student Transportation Services is reporting that  all buses in the following corridors cancelled due to extrem...

Canadian Authors Association Hosting Grant Writing Seminar
2/26/2015 9:47:37 AM
Aspiring writers looking for some help ar...
Huntsville Looking for Input on Ice Schedule
2/26/2015 9:23:04 AM

Huntsville wants to know how long the ice at the Canada Summit Centre should be available.
The town’s community services divi...

Curling Club Asks for More Direction From Town on Plans to Move
2/26/2015 6:25:14 AM

The Huntsville Curling Club asked the town for more direction yesterday after presenting an update to councilors.  John Furner and Te...

Huntsville Council Grants $1000 to Muskoka Watershed Council
2/26/2015 6:21:21 AM

Christy McDoyle of The Muskoka Watershed Council appeared before Huntsville's General Committee yesterday to request a $1000 grant from th...

Watercross Coming to Hidden Valley in June
2/26/2015 6:17:58 AM

A new watercross event will be coming to Hidden Valley in June.  The event organizers asked for a noise exemption from council, even ...

Utterson Woman Helps Rescue 4 Puppies From Egypt
2/26/2015 6:13:29 AM

In our good news story of the day, four puppies who travelled to Canada from Egypt have found homes, at least temporarily, in Muskoka.

Police Reports
Wednesday Nets Five Arrests, Pills Worth Thousands
2/27/2015 12:28:43 PM
Muskoka’s Vice Street Crime ...
Watchful Resident Helps Foil Vehicle Break-In
2/27/2015 8:14:44 AM
A watchful ...
Woman Narrowly Avoids Telephone Fraud
2/25/2015 10:28:31 AM
Yet another...
Domestic Assault in Parry Sound
2/24/2015 10:28:17 AM
A Parry Sou...
Citizen Complaint Leads to Drunk Driving Charges
2/23/2015 10:29:35 AM
A complaint...
Drunk Driver Crashes Into Snowbank In Front of Police
2/23/2015 10:26:51 AM
Police Investigate Facebook Fraud
2/19/2015 2:43:46 PM

West Parry Sound OPP investigated a fraud that occurred through a Facebook account on January 21st.  Po...

Charges Pending After Train/Pickup Collision
2/19/2015 1:51:25 PM

Just after 11:00am this morning Huntsville OPP along with Muskoka EMS and Huntsville Fire attended a crash i...

Man Charged at RIDE Check
2/19/2015 9:02:36 AM

The Almaguin Highlands OPP was conducting a R.I.D.E. program on Tuesday February 10 when a westbound truck a...

Man Turns Himself In After Escaping Through Back Window
2/18/2015 6:22:51 AM

On February 5, the OPP received a tip that a wanted male was at a residence on Lake Joseph Road in Seguin To...

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